Update on the Vote on Proposed Changes to Declaration and Bylaws!

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At today’s Special Meeting of the Voting Members – 

The Apple Canyon Lake Property Owners’ Association Amended and Restated Bylaws – a quorum of 125 votes was reached, so voting for the Bylaws has been closed. The Tellers committee will verify and count the written ballots on Tuesday. Once they have finished their tallying, we will announce the results of the vote. At least 2/3 of the votes cast must be in favor of the Amended Bylaws for approval. 

The Amended Declaration of the Covenants and Restrictions for Apple Canyon Lake Property Owners’ Association – A quorum was not reached, so the special meeting will be continued until March 6, 2021 at 1:00 pm. Voting will continue for the Amended Declaration until at least 2/3 affirmative votes of all Voting Members or 1/3 against is reached.