The Safety & Security Office is located at 14A1400 Canyon Club Drive, Apple River, IL 61001
PH: 815-492-2436

What is CodeRED?

Jo Daviess County has implemented the CodeRED Emergency Communications Network, a reverse 911 system for anyone who signs up for alerts such as storm warnings, evacuation notices, missing person alerts, etc. Messages can come over your home or cell phone with a call or text message, or delivered as an email. ACL will also use this system to send alerts to our owners who sign up. We will send notices for amenity closings due to bad weather, when the lake is closed or at no-wake, etc. We can also communicate to specific sections of the lake; for instance, if the water company needs to shut down the water on the north end of the Association-we can send notices only to those affected.  Remember: USE YOUR ACL ADDRESS – EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE A LOT. It is important that you provide your ACL address so we can contact you with ACL-specific messages and alerts.

If you have questions about CodeRed messages sent by Apple Canyon Lake, please call (815) 492-0090. Please DO NOT call the Jo Daviess County Sheriff’s Department.

Sign up for CodeRed here.

The Heat Light Program

Avoid Frozen Pipes Homeowners are reminded to be especially vigilant with the extremely cold temperatures we have experienced this winter. Two houses at ACL have frozen, and ruptured pipes, causing thousands of dollars in damage, and several more have had close calls due to empty LP tanks and furnace failure. We strongly recommend homeowners keep in close contact with their propane company to ensure they are monitoring and filling your tank regularly. If you believe you are on propane auto-fill, please confirm this with your provider.   

Sign up for the Heat Light Program
The Heat Light Program was created so that our members do not have to worry about low indoor temperatures, or whether an unexpected trip to Apple Canyon Lake is required to check the level of your propane tank, or the inside temperature of your home in an effort to prevent frozen and ruptured pipes. To participate in the Heat Light Program, simply purchase a Wireless thermostat, thermostat outlet, strobe light, and lock-box from the Association for a cost of $150. There is also a participation fee of $100 per year for this program.

Heat Light Program Application

The Safety and Security Department monitors the homes participating in the ACL Heat Light Program. If you are not part of the Heat Light Program, the Safety and Security Department is not able to go and look at your LP level or check on your home’s temperature. The Heat Light Program is very inexpensive and provides excellent peace of mind that your house is being monitored while you are away. This winter, six Heat Light Program homes with empty LP tanks or furnace failure have been caught prior to any damage.  Questions may be directed to the Safety & Security Department at 815-492-2436.