The Rules and Regulations Commission shall include a member of the Board of Directors and shall be responsible to monitor, modify, and formulate rules and regulations as recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Commission will function as a clearinghouse for any changes in all Governing Documents.

Hours: Meeting Dates TBA

Sershon, Vickie, Chair
Tribbey, Fern, Vice Chair
Drogosz, George
Fitzjerrells, Bob
Harris, Mike, Board Liaison
Pfeiffer, Fred
Stanger, Robert
Drogosz, Karen, Recording Secretary

Assist with changes to ACL Rules and Regulations:
The ACL Rules and Regulations Commission is asking property owners to suggest rule changes for the community.  Download a Rules and Regulations Rule Change Request form here.


Commission Agendas and Minutes from the last five years, if applicable, can be viewed below. Documents going back further than five years may be obtained by contacting us.


Sub Commission:

Rules and Regulations Planning Group