The majority of the following committees were formed with a specific task or charge in mind. Once this charge is accomplished, the committee is dissolved. However, Minutes may remain from these committees and may be found here.

If you would like a copy of minutes from any of the following dissolved committees, please contact us.)

50th Anniversary Event Planning – Dissolved
Ad Hoc Dock – Dissolved

Amenity Tag – Dissolved

Asset Preservation – Dissolved

Boat Dock Pathways Subcommittee – Dissolved

Campground Task Force – Dissolved

Covenant Consent Task Force – Dissolved

Deer Count Subcommittee – Dissolved

Dues and Fees Restructuring – Dissolved

Dues Referendum – Dissolved

AD Hoc Employee Handbook – Dissolved

Ad Hoc Employee Job Description – Dissolved

General Manager Search – Dissolved

Grant Writing Committee – Dissolved

Governing Documents Alignment Ad Hoc – Dissolved

Legislative Action – Inactive

New Pool Committee – Dissolved

Pool – Dissolved

Ad Hoc Pro Shop Food and Beverage Study – Dissolved

Public Safety – Inactive

Publicity – Inactive

Transition Ad Hoc – Dissolved

Welcoming – Dissolved

Maintenance – Dissolved