Mission Statement: To manage the deer population to the carrying capacity at Apple Canyon Lake POA with specific guidance and direction from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and with adherence to the program under the Rules & Regulations of the ACLPOA.

Charge: Work closely with Management (Security and GM) to oversee the program and immediately report any serious issue during the hunting season.
Evaluate the program for improvements and recommend to the board.
Conduct the Archery Qualifications and submit names to office who will require the Hunters to provide the proof of insurance, proof of successfully completing a state or federally approved hunter safety education course, and entry fees.
Conduct the Mandatory Orientation meeting for hunters who qualified.
Inspect stands for compliance with rules and regulations.
Provide SSD with the map of zones and zone assignments.
Compile a report on the success/challenges of the ACL Deer Management Program for presentation to the Board of Directors at the end of the hunting season.
Prepare a calendar for the following season indicating application date, qualification date, orientation date, etc.
The Committee will prepare a summary of activities and projects the committee has been involved in over the past year for presentation at the annual meeting.

Hours: Meets the last Saturday of each month, April through October, at the Clubhouse

Sonntag, Jon, Chair
Ostrander, Gordon, Vice Chair
Rees, Kim, Secretary
Bluhm, Ted
Finley, Jack
Gouskos, Nick
Hendren, Allen
Lutz, Al
Mamlic, Dan
Williams, Gordon, Board Liaison

Procedures for zone selections:

  • Zone selection shall be by the number of deer harvested in descending order with ties determined by the most days hunted the previous season. Tiebreaker for same harvest count and days hunted shall be by drawing names (approved June 29, 2019 meeting)
  • A hunter can earn 0.5 credit for participating in the deer count program and 0.5 credit for participating in the Youth Archery Day. (approved February 15, 2020 meeting)
  • New hunters will be drawn before hunters who did not harvest a deer.


Commisson Agendas and Minutes from the last five years, if applicable, can be viewed below. Documents going back further than five years may be obtained by contacting us.


(See Complete ACLPOA Rules and Regulations, XVIII Archery)
Deer Management Program Hunter Application
View the Deer Zone Map (Zones 1 – 22)
View the Deer Zone Map (Zones 23 & 24)