Charge: The Budget/Audit Commission shall be chaired by the Treasurer and consist of another member of the Board of Directors plus two or more additional Association members.  It shall be the duty of this commission to work with the General Manager (GM) to prepare a budget for the next fiscal year beginning the first day of January for submission to the Board of Directors.  This commission or its designated member(s) may also:  (1) review and consult with the auditors on the annual audit of the Association books; (2) review the adequacy and effectiveness of the accounting controls of the Association; and (3) make recommendations for the improvement of internal control procedures and the correction of any significant financial reporting issues and practices.  Additional duties or responsibilities can be assigned by the Board of Directors.
The commission will prepare a summary of activities and projects the commision has been involved in over the past year for presentation at the Annual Meeting.

Hours: Meeting Dates TBA

Borst, Steve, Chair/Board Liaison
Brennan, Thomas
Carpenter, Ron
Clark, Marge
Finn, John
Gouskos, Nick
Livengood, Brett
Malone, Steve
Nelson, Steve
Tribbey, Fern
Miller, Ashlee, Staff
Miller, Carrie, Staff Secretary

Commission Agendas and Minutes from the last five years can be viewed below. Documents going back further than five years may be obtained by contacting us.