Malon_Garlic Mustard webConservation doesn’t mean saving every plant, animal, or insect. Sometimes it means the removal of species that are not native to an area which upset the delicate balance of nature. When that’s not possible, minimizing their affect is the goal. Whether it is the emerald ash borer killing trees or zebra mussels and Eurasian Milfoil invading the water, or clearing our greenways of numerous non-native grasses, shrubs, and trees, there’s plenty to be done at Apple Canyon Lake.

Eurasian MilfoilEurasian Milfoil can quickly take over forcing out natural plants such as lily pads, coontail, etc. Eradication is difficult once it  has a strong foothold as it is resistant to many herbicides. If it is allowed to grow uncontrolled, it can reduce the habitats for fish spawning and feeding. It also affects boating as those who got stuck in the “weeds” in the shallow areas of the bays the last several years have experienced.

To reduce the spread of the emerald ash borer, please refrain from transporting firewood across county lines.  If any of the wood contains D shaped holes, call the association office to find out how to best dispose of it.

To see a much larger list of plants, animals, and insects that are considered invasive species in Illinois, check out the list of Illinois invasive species web site.




Garlic Mustard is a difficult invasive species to control.