Apple Canyon Lake was created in 1969 when the Branigar Organization of Medina, Illinois began the building of the man-made dam. The lake may be man-made, but conservation efforts are needed for current and future generations to enjoy Apple Canyon Lake and the surrounding area. In addition to the 414 acre lake itself, conservation efforts are needed throughout the 2,700 acres owned by the ACL property owners association and its members. But, conservation doesn’t stop there. The entire Apple Canyon Lake watershed must be considered. From erosion to herbicides to dredging ponds to sediment filters, the Apple Canyon Lake community needs your help to become better stewards of the land.

Lake quality actions include spring and fall fish surveys, sediment monitoring and disposal, dredging program, rip rap erosion control, annual fish stocking, aquatic vegetation management, and volunteer lake monitoring.

Conservation efforts currently focus on the following programs: