Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP)

“We lose our capacity to have visions if we do not take steps to realize them.”
                                                                                         ~ Robert Collier

At the May 16th, 2020 Board of Directors’ Meeting the BOD passed a motion to suspend the CAMP administrative building construction project for the year 2020.

Read the full May 16th, 2020 BOD Meeting Minutes here.

CAMP Architecture & Design Ad Hoc Commission
By Joe Wiener
ACLPOA Building Inspector
Chair, Clubhouse Area Master Plan Architecture & Design

During the four weeks of April and May, Joe Wiener and Shaun Nordlie have been having weekly meetings with Cord Construction and Farnsworth Architects to discuss the bids and budget of the Administrative Building. The initial bids were higher than budgeted, and in some cases, sufficient bids were not submitted. During that time, our construction manager Cord has been working with the contractors on their bids to get the most accurate numbers for the building.

Documents have been prepared itemizing what we have come up with for the budget based on the current quotes. The documents are a list of value engineering items that Cord and Farnsworth have worked on for the building. Many of them are small and can be discussed and decided on easily by AD. The changing of the rock veneer on the building and the change in the HVAC are larger items but need to be considered and discussed thoroughly before deciding on changing these.

The additional scope items are add-ons, that need to also be discussed by AD and decided if they are important enough to keep or hold off on.

The Administration summary shows the history of the estimates for the Administration building. The $1,185,000 quote was the sum of the initial quotes when AD asked for initial quotes prior to design. The October 25th bid was higher, but also included the construction manager fees, so the bid was in line with our initial budget. The April 23rd cost is what came in with the bids. The $1,790,000 does not include the value engineering but does include the additional scope items.

So, in doing some math here:
ACL Budget –                         $1,449,000
Additional Scope –                  $144,000

New Budget                            $1,600,000
Cord Bid Results                    $1,790,000
Less Value Engr.                     ($127,000)   although some of these need to be discussed

Cord Budget Estimate            $1,660,000

At their meeting June 16, 2020 The Board of Directors discussed the timeline for construction. The BOD has decided to delay starting construction in 2020 and to move it to 2021. The BOD decided to direct AD to continue with finalizing the plans of the Administration building and to have FM continue marketing the construction project to the property owners.

AD will meet July 10, 2020 to discuss the current bid and cost reduction possibilities.

Respectfully submitted,
Joe Wiener, CAMP Architecture & Design Ad Hoc Commission Chair

By Joe Wiener
ACLPOA Building Inspector
Chair, Clubhouse Area Master Plan Architecture & Design

Your CAMP Architecture and Design Commission has focus. On what? Making sure the new Community Center and Administration buildings satisfy our long-term needs and is built at a cost we can afford within a reasonable time frame. This takes a dedicated and determined Team of your volunteers and professional consultants. I would like to introduce our newest professional consultant Cord Construction. The company started in Freeport in in 1979. Now based in Rockford, Cord Construction is a leading construction management firm working in the Midwest.

Cord has been selected to be on the CAMP A&D Team after a serious search and interview process. The CAMP A&D Commission voted unanimously to offer them the Construction Manager position. We recognized:

  • Communication and organizational skill
  • Relevant overall construction management expertise
  • Technical abilities and resources
  • Construction Cost Estimation skill and resources

Cord Construction is our Construction Manager acting as Constructor. They will be responsible to CAMP A&D/BOD, bid the construction documents, hold the sub contractor’s contracts, coordinate the trades, manage the schedule and provide full-time supervision during the Construction Phase.

Right now, we are in the Pre-Construction Phase. Cord is hard at work. Assignments include:

  • Review our Program and question the Project Budget
  • Prepare and maintain the Project’s Construction Schedule
  • Review the blueprints for constructability
  • Provide estimates of probable construction cost at a helpful level of detail at important stages of design document development
  • Working with the architects and engineers, recommend methods, materials, component sources, mechanical systems and design features to guide us away from overspending
  • Organize the construction contract documents into appropriate trade/work breakdown scopes for subcontractor bidding
  • Prepare the bid documents, look for qualified bidders and solicit multiple pre-qualified subcontractor bids which will include cost reducing alternatives for our consideration
  • Review bids for completeness and contract document coverage

Cord is not just estimating the costs themselves. They use Bid Solicitation software which has access to thousands of subcontractors and vendors. They also have a select number of contractors that are actually providing bids giving us real world prices. Long lead order delivery items are being identified. Recommendations are being made and incorporated. We have met several times now with our designers and Cord. Cord has been able offer significant advice, keeping the project within the budget. It is possible, but there should be little room for surprise when the final bids are tabulated.

Another duty needs recognition. Cord Construction has a formal Safety Program. Their full-time Field Operations Manager makes regular site visits to support the Project Manager and Site Superintendent. These three are the technical, safety and quality control leaders. Safety is a standing agenda item. They are also responsible for protecting the public from hazards that will be encountered on the job site within the gates. So, curious interested property owners, you cannot come in to comment or offer advice! You can watch and maybe yell from outside the fence though.

Questions or comments? Contact us!


I own three lots in ACL as we wished to have spacious and a sufficient green space surrounding our home a friendly buffer for our neighbors and us to enable and continue to maintain what brought us to ACL in the first place, the appeal and feeling of being in the woods and surrounded by nature. 

So with that being said, and as one of our primary concerns, I would like to express our support for the new club house facilities as well as supporting and hope to see in the future, expansion of the trail system to include access to other areas throughout ACL, adding another nine holes to our golf course is paramount and hopefully a providing a great fitness center as well.  

As property owners of three lots and looking at three dues increases, we still support the expansion, now being honest it would be nice for those of us to get some form of financial relief or discount related to future dues increases. 

Most importantly having a modern spacious and accommodating club house and supporting facilities improves our property values, increases our market ability to attract new ACL opportunities and new home development and providing existing homes a higher marketability which supports and improves the financial stability of our community as a whole.

Congratulations to those who can see and are willing to step forward into the future and ensure ACL can be a prosperous and accommodating community for everyone to enjoy and utilize in the future.

~ Kevin Smith

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to host our wedding reception at the ACL Clubhouse. It was special to share this memorable event at the lake as I’ve fished with my Dad and Grandpa here for many years, spent time on the pontoon boat with my family at the Lake, and really enjoyed the beauty of nature and the water.  The Lake made for the perfect backdrop for photos down near the water, and the floor to ceiling windows provided a gorgeous backdrop for our head table and dance floor. Our friends and family enjoyed that they could share the meal inside, but also enjoyed the wonderful weather outside at the picnic tables. Kids were invited to our wedding, and it was nice to have the room for them to run around in the grass outside. 

~ Brooke (Krippendorf) VenHuizen

It would be nice to have a comfortable place to sit and utilize wifi. It would also be nice to have scheduled exercise classes, like Jazzercise, especially on a Saturday morning. Thanks for your work on this.

~ Maureen Conrad


I read an article in the Des Moines Register about different counties in Iowa with increased population and the reasons why. It summarized by saying ‘where there is progress in the county there is enthusiasm and people tend to gravitate to enthusiasm.’ The CAMP program creates progress and enthusiasm. I appreciate what the Board is doing.

~ Jack Finley




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