The Association has three pontoon boats available for rent on a daily or half-day basis. All reservations must be made by a property owner or authorized guest. Property Owners must contact the Association Office to give their permission for a guest to make a reservation. Property Owners are reminded that they are responsible for the activities of their guests, and any violation of the rules by a guest or the cost of damages in excess of the security deposit will be charged against the Property Owner. All boats will be checked in and out of the Marina. An Amenity Tag must be presented to the Marina staff by the lessee. Each boat has a capacity of ten (10) persons. Ten (10) adult-size life jackets are provided. Lessees must provide their own life jackets for children and infants. Anyone who leaves the boat to access Nixon Beach, the Marina Bay Trail, etc. must have an Amenity Tag.

Effective January 1, 2016, the Illinois Boat Registration & Safety Act has been amended and now requires that any person operating a rental boat submit a valid Boating Safety Certificate or complete an abbreviated safety course prior to operating the watercraft. A copy of a valid Boating Safety Certificate must be provided to the Association Office by the rental boat operator at least 24 hours in advance of the rental, or completion of the abbreviated safety course at the Marina will be required. Rental boat operators taking the safety course must arrive at the Marina at least 30 minutes prior to the rental. Rentals will not be extended if the rental boat operator fails to complete the course prior to rental start time. Anyone taking the abbreviated safety instruction course must provide the Association with a copy of their driver’s license and complete course paperwork, per the IDNR Watercraft Rental Safety Policy. Upon completion of the abbreviated course, a completion receipt valid for one year will be issued.

Reservations for rental boats will be accepted during normal Association Office hours in person or by calling 815-492-2238. Reservations should be made at least 24 hours in advance of the rental. Same day reservations can be made at the Marina. When the reservation is made, payment for the rental must be made in full. A credit card used for the Security Deposit will be taken as a guarantee at the time the reservation is made. An authorization of the Security Deposit amount will be placed on the card the week of the rental. If a reservation is being made for the same week, the authorization will be placed at the time the reservation is made. The authorization will be released if the boat is returned in same condition. A $50 fee will be retained from the security deposit if the boat is returned after hours, the renter fails to have the boat inspected, or the renter fails to refuel the boat. The Association will make every attempt to process releases within 72 hours of the rental completion. Please be advised that the credit card company may not process the release immediately.

Monday through Thursday                Property Owner          Guest
Half Day (8-Noon or 1-5)                            $100                      $175
Full Day (8-5)                                            $175                      $250

Weekends and Holidays              Property Owner & Guest
Half Day (8-Noon or 1-5)                            $230
Full Day (8-5)                                            $325

Security Deposit $300

Cancellation policy: In the event of severe weather on the day of the rental, the rental amount will be returned to the credit card on which it was paid. If a rental is cancelled for any other reason with less than 24 hours’ notice, including no shows, the rental fee will not be refunded. Any rentals cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice will be refunded the rental amount in the form of an ACL Gift Card which can be used at the Association Office, Pro Shop, Pro Shop Bar & Grill, and the Marina. ACL Gift Cards cannot be used at The Cove Restaurant.