Next Meeting Dates: October 21st & 28th
at 6:00 pm in the ACL Clubhouse

You can attend the meetings in person, via zoom invite, Facebook live or video that will be posted the day after the Town Hall meeting.

The Legal commission has been working on updating the Amended Declaration and the Bylaws for the past five years. They are now ready to present the changes to the Board of Directors and the membership in anticipation of sending these documents to the membership for approval in January 2021.

There are four Town Hall meeting’s scheduled – September 23rd, October 7th, 21st and 28th. All meetings will start at 6:00 pm, will be held at the clubhouse and can be attended by owners in person, via zoom or on Facebook live. Video’s of the Town Hall meetings will also be posted on the Association website, so they can be viewed at any time.

During the Town Hall meetings, the Legal commission will be reviewing changes that are being proposed for the Amended Declaration and Bylaws, discussing why the changes are being proposed and taking questions from owners.

Town Hall Footage:

Videos of each Town Hall Meeting will be posted here after each meeting.

The October 7th, 2020 Town Hall Meeting

View the September 23rd, 2020 Town Hall with Video Time Line
View the October 7th, 2020 Town Hall with Video Timeline
View the October 21st, 2020 Town Hall with Video Timeline


Town Hall Part 1 (09 23 20) – Articles I – V
Town Hall Part 2 (10 07 30) – Articles VI – XI
Town Hall Part 3 (10 21 20) – Proposed Ammended and Restated Bylaws



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Questions and Answers:

Declaration and Bylaws Preamble
Q: I question having the ACL Building and Environmental Code precede Board approved Policies. Board approved policies should trump other regulatory language that is not recorded upon which the Board has authority to approve, an action current policy includes language in the guidelines for paths and greenway areas that involve recommendations from Building/Maintenance and Conservation that require Board approval. I think the order of Items 6 and 7 should be reversed.
A: The Building Code is adopted by the Board. While the AECC might review applications, the terms of the Building Code are approved by the Board and are a written set of guidelines and requirements that owners must follow as established by the Board. Because both the Board policies and the Building Code are adopted by the Board, the order or priority probably doesn’t matter too much between these two. If there is a conflict between a Board policy and the Building Code, the Board can correct this by changing one or the other, or both. Since the Building Code is included in two sections of the Declaration and it pertains to all 2743 Lots, while the Board Policy only pertains to the nine Board of Directors, the Legal Commission recommends keeping the proposed rank at this time.

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