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The Association office is here to serve our property owners, and maintains many programs that benefit our members and enhance the value of ownership. These programs are listed below. If you have any questions after reviewing the information, please contact us.

Make sure current contact information is on file

The Office and Safety & Security Department are not able to contact you with problems associated with your property if we don’t have current information on file. It is not uncommon to discover sinking boats, homes damaged by fallen trees, etc. and no valid phone numbers or emails for these owners. Updates can be sent to  

Registering a new watercraft or recreational vehicle?

To register a motorized watercraft, current state registration and current proof of insurance listing the watercraft and $500,000 in liability coverage must be supplied to the Office. Only watercraft owned by property owners can be registered, no guest boats are allowed. Any watercraft listed as 19’ or greater on the state registration must be measured at the Association Office before a decal is given. To register a non-motorized watercraft, information on the watercraft (make, model, serial number, year, color, and length) must be provided along with proof of insurance showing $500,000 in liability coverage (yes, even for canoes and kayaks!). All watercraft must be registered & stickered before entering the water.

To register a golf cart, ATV, or UTV, current proof of insurance listing the vehicle description, $500,000 in liability coverage, and ACLPOA as an Additional Interest or Additional Insured must be supplied to the office. These vehicles also must be measured to ensure they are less than 66” wide. Any golf cart, ATV, or UTV must be registered & stickered before being used on ACL property. We strongly encourage anyone registering a new “toy” to send the insurance and registration (if applicable) to the office in advance of coming out to the lake. This way, if the documents are not sufficient, we have time to notify the property owner of the issue and time for the insurance company to correct and re-send the documents. Most insurance companies are not open on weekends. Paperwork can be emailed to or faxed to (815) 492-2160.



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