Nominate a Volunteer for the Distinguished Service Award

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Past and present committee and board members, and past DS winners are encouraged to nominate worthy peers

Apple Canyon Lake is a community of volunteers. Our volunteers can often be experts at trail work, lake water quality, office work, financial management, golf course management, entertainment, legal matters, Roberts Rules, invasive species. Or not—maybe some of our volunteers aren’t experts in any of these fields, but they are willing to roll up their sleeves and give it a shot. And when they do, they provide the Association with, not only cost savings in staff time, but with a much deeper value—a sense of community.  Working next to these volunteers gives us a deeper understanding of who and what the Association really is. 

Every year we see these familiar faces working at meetings or events to make ACLPOA a better place for all of us, and it is important to us that they are recognized. 

Past and current committee or board members: will you take the time to nominate a hard-working volunteer?

During your years of volunteer service to Apple Canyon Lake Property Owners Association, have you noticed a member (members actually—one male and one female) who has been very dedicated to serving your Association and deserves to be recognized as one of our Distinguished Service awardees? If so, please consider nominating these individuals for the 2018 Distinguished Service Award.

The Distinguished Service Award was established in 2000 to recognize individuals who have volunteered and contributed outstanding community service to Apple Canyon Lake. Each year, two current or past Association members, one female and one male as stated above, are selected to receive the award, which is presented at the Annual Meeting in June. 

Distinguished Service Award winners, and/or any property owner who has served on the board or any committee within the past five years may submit nominations along with a 250 word essay on the reasons for the nomination.  One male and one female will be awarded a Distinguished Service Award each year. We are encouraging each committee to put forward nominees as well.

Criteria to be included in the nomination document, which is available at the office or online, should include the nominee’s:

  • Length of service
  • Committees they served
  • Positive impact of their service

The Distinguished Service Award Selection Committee is made up of the retired Board of Directors from the three preceding years, and the past-Distinguished Service Award Recipients from the previous five years.

The criteria used to determine eligibility for this award is weighted heavily toward total years of community service, in any area, which has positively affected the overall success of Apple Canyon Lake Property Owners Association.

Because ACLPOA was established in 1969, many deserving individuals have now passed away.  So as not to minimize their contributions, these individuals may also be considered posthumously for the Distinguished Service Award.  If an individual who has passed away is selected, the award will be presented to the family of the recipient.

Deadline to submit a nomination is May 18. Download NOMINATION FORM here, or pick up a hard copy at the Association office.

Call 815-492-2769 for more information.

Past honorees

2000 Frank Loftus, Dorothy Nichols
2001 Elmer Malon, Helen Stadel
2002 John Finn, Melva Detwiler
2003 Oscar Gustus, Eleanor Jacobsen
2004 Maury Watts, Ruth Langfield
2005 Harold Bathum, Pat Cuttone
2006 Jack Dibie, Sharon Burmeister
2007 Darryle Burmeister, Diane Monnich
2008 Richard (Dick) Brennan, Evelyn Clemmans
2009 Bill Skeens, Marge Smith Clark
2010 Kevin Kavanaugh, Laura Turek
2011 Jim Rhodes, Shirley Moore
2012 None awarded
2013 Joe Forman, Karen Loete
2014 Fred Turek, Patricia Volpert
2015 Erin Winter, Nancy Winter
2016 Bob Stanger, Patricia Reese
2017 Mike Harris, Phyllis Cady