• Deadline for Board candidate applications approaches
    Board Candidates Wanted
    Deadline to submit application is January 22

    Can you answer “Yes!” to any of these questions?

    • Are you a team player?
    • Are you an “ideas” person?
    • Do you have vision?
    • Are you dedicated?
    • Can you spare some time?
    • Is ACL important to you?
    • Are you a good listener?
    • Are you interested in the long-term health of the ACLPOA?
    If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please consider running for a seat on ACLPOA’s Board of Directors. Your Association needs you; only four members have submitted applications and five are needed.

    If you feel you could serve the Association in this capacity,  FILL OUT THIS BRIEF APPLICATION and  email us fax to 815-492-2160, or mail to the office by January 22, 2018.

    Your brief bio and answers to written questions will be published online, in The Apple Core, and mailed with the ballot material.  The “Meet the Candidates” forum is scheduled for April 21, 2018 following the BOD meeting (approx 10:30 am). The election will be held June 9, 2018 at the ACLPOA Annual Meeting. The Ballots will be mailed to the membership at least 30 days earlier.
    Questions may be directed to the Nominating Committee chair at 815-492-0108 or you may email us.
  • Utility Services of Illinois announces water rate increase
    Property Owners with houses within the Association received a letter recently from ACL’s water supply company, Utility Services of Illinois (USI) with a request for a rate increase for 2018 with the Illinois Commerce Commission.
    For a typical household, the monthly cost for the water meter will increase from $24.73 to $35.03 – a 41.6 percent increase. The water usage rate per 1,000 gallons will increase 43.4 percent from $5.71 to $8.19. The monthly availability fee for owners with unimproved lots will remain at $8.50 in the request.
    What can you do about it? 
    Members may file a comment with the Illinois Commerce Commission. The link to the ICC website is https://www.icc.illinois.gov/. From this page, find eDocket, type in 17-1106 (the case number for this rate increase). On the right side of the screen is a blue box, choose Public Comments and then File a Comment in the blue box at the top, left-hand side of the screen, and then Submit. 
  • Scrap Metal Now Accepted at the Recycling Center

    The recycling center now has 2 containers for recycling scrap metal.

    No other material or garbage, other than metal should be placed in this container.

  • Missing “Welcome” Sign

    Missing “Welcome” Sign

    Please return the sign – no questions asked.

    The welcome sign (pictured above) located at the intersection of Pea Ridge and W. Apple Canyon Road is missing. We are hoping the party responsible for this prank, or innocent parties who are aware of its location, return the sign to any ACL Amenity building, or staff member, no questions asked.

    The sign is worth over $500, which constitutes a felony.  Anyone with information is asked to call Security at 815-492-2436.

  • 2018 Payment Plan information
  • Your Property Tax Assessment Notice defined: a message from the Chief County Assessment Office

    View 2017 Real Estate Assessment Listings

    To the Residents of Apple Canyon Lake,

    You will be receiving an assessment notice from the Chief County Assessment Office shortly. I felt that I should give you a detailed explanation of what you will see on your notice. Each year a sales ratio study is done by the Illinois Dept of Revenue on the sales that occurred in the prior year. A sales ratio study compares a sale price with the previous year’s assessed value on each sale that occurred. Those percentages are totaled and the median is determined. That median is added with the two previous years’ median and an average is determined for the 3 year period. In this case the three years would be 2014, 2015 and 2016. If that 3 year average is above or below 33.33% then either the Township Assessor or the Chief County Assessment Office will need to apply a factor or do a complete revaluation.

    Here are a few examples of sales that occurred in 2016:

    • 1 story frame home on 1 lot sold for $220,000. The assessed value at the time of the sale was $46,059 which is a market value of $138,177.
    • 1 story frame home on 1 lot sold for $341,300. The assessed value at the time of the sale was $80,940 which is a market value of $242,820.
    • 1 story frame home on 1 lot sold for $375,050. The assessed value at the time of the sale was $73,470 which is a market value of $220,410.
    • 1 ½ story frame home on 1 lot sold for $251,900. The assessed value at the time of the sale was $49,035 which is a market value of $147,105.
    • 1 story frame home on 1 lot sold for $115,000. The assessed value at the time of the sale was $19,273 which is a market value of $57,819.

    As you can see in the examples above, the houses are selling higher than the assessed values. The vacant lots are still selling low but the houses are rebounding. The Department of Revenue used 196 sales that occurred in 2014, 2015, and 2016 in the sales ratio study and 116 of those sales were house sales that were assessed below the 33.33% of market value.  In order to bring the sales ratio to 33.33%, a factor of 1.3866 has been applied to the house values in Apple Canyon Lake. When you receive your assessment notice, you will have 30 days to file a complaint with the Board of Review if you feel the value is incorrect. You will need to fill out a Board of Review complaint form and provide evidence to support your claim that you are over-assessed. If you have any questions, please call the Chief County Assessment Office at 815-777-1016. My staff will gladly answer your questions to help you understand your new assessed value. In reviewing your assessment notice, you will notice the percentage change (increase or decrease), this is only the percentage difference of your assessed value from prior year to current year. This does not mean that your tax bill will be going up the same percentage.

    Please keep in mind, whether you are speaking to my staff, myself or the township assessor, please be courteous. We are all trying to do our job to the best of our ability. Our goal is not to raise taxes but to make sure that the tax burden is distributed evenly amongst all property owners based on what they own. We do not set tax rates. Tax rates are determined by the individual tax bodies and the amount of money they levy for. If you feel the tax rates are too high, you need to address that issue with taxing bodies when they are working on their budgets.

    Donna M. Berlage
    Chief County Assessment Officer
    Jo Daviess County

  • Board approves publishing proposed 2018 budgets, related fees, and assessments

    Notice is hereby given to all owners, as published in the September 2017 Apple Core, that the ACLPOA Board of Directors, on August 19, 2017 voted to maintain the Annual Assessment (Dues) at $850 per lot, plus an Owner Amenity Registration Fee (OARF) of $100 per owner; consider the adoption of the Association’s 2018 Annual Operating Budget; the 2018 Renovation and Replacement (R&R) Budget; and to establish all fees to be charged during the 2018 year. The Proposed Budget is expected to be presented for approval at the Board’s regular monthly meeting on October 21 at 9 a.m. in the Association’s Clubhouse.

    View Proposed 2018 Annual Operating Budget
    View Proposed R&R
    View Proposed Fee Schedule
    View Construction Fee Schedule

  • Want fiber optic at the lake?

    Jo Carroll/Sand Prairie survey will assess area’s interest in fiber optic 

    Jo Carroll Energy and Sand Prairie are asking Jo Daviess County residents if there is a need for fiber optic service in their area, and have established a website where residents can express interest in bringing fiber optic to their community. With fiber optic, internet service would be greatly improved in Apple Canyon Lake.

    Please click on the link below and submit your Apple Canyon Lake address to show Jo Carroll that you are interested and want to be considered for fiber optic at Apple Canyon Lake.

    Email Jo Carroll

  • Not getting Apple Seed e-blasts?

    If you are not receiving the Apple Seed e-blasts, call the office at 815-492-2238 or email us to make sure we have your correct email address on file. 


  • ACL Book Club: Feb Books of the Month announced

    The ACL Book Club meets at 1 pm on the first Wednesday of the month in the Clubhouse. All are welcome to join this casual group.

    February 7 – The Way We Were by Sinead Moriarity

    March 7 – TBA

    Questions? Call 815-492-0018. 

    See more info here.

  • Have you signed up for CodeRed?

    Jo Daviess County has implemented the CodeRED Emergency Communications Network, a reverse 911 system for anyone who signs up for alerts such as storm warnings, evacuation notices, missing person alerts, etc. Messages can come over your home or cell phone with a call or text message, or delivered as an email. ACL will also use this system to send alerts to our owners who sign up. We will send notices for amenity closings due to bad weather, when the lake is closed or at no-wake, etc. We can also communicate to specific sections of the lake; for instance, if the water company needs to shut down the water on the north end of the Association-we can send notices only to those affected. 
    Remember: USE YOUR ACL ADDRESS – EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE A LOT. It is important that you provide your ACL address so we can contact you with ACL-specific messages and alerts.

    If you have questions about CodeRed messages sent by Apple Canyon Lake, please call (815) 492-0090. Please DO NOT call the Jo Daviess County Sheriff’s Department.

    Sign up for CodeRed here.

  • Board approves changes to creel limits

    At the March 18 regular meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board moved to change the creel limits in the ACLPOA Rules and Regulations. The Motion states:

    To approve to change to the daily bag limit on largemouth bass from two under 14″ to five under 13″ per day. The new slot limit will change to 13″ to 24″ for Catch and Release and the one fish over 24″ per day will remain the same.”

    See 2017 Creel Limit

  • Beaver Damage

    If you see evidence of beaver damage, please contact the Maintenance Department at 815-492-2167.

  • Goose Nests

    We need your help. Our Goose Egg Addling/Oiling program volunteers do not see every nest. If you are out on the lake or trails and see a nest, or if you have a nest on your property, please call the office at 815-492-2238 and share the location so our volunteers can include the nest in the program. 
    Remember: we are not trying to eliminate all geese from ACL, but hope to manage the number of geese returning each year.  With a successful program in place, we can keep our lake healthier, lower the amount of unsightly goose droppings, and still enjoy the beauty of these birds. 

  • Water Craft Renewal Notice

    In the past, our office could email IDNR staff directly on behalf of our members to confirm Watercraft Registration renewals. We are no longer able to continue this service. Please be aware the IDNR accepts these calls Tuesday – Thursday from 8:30-4:40 only. Please be proactive and submit your current State Watercraft Registration as soon as you receive it.