• Tuesday, March 20 cancellations and postponements
    The following events are affected by the Jo Daviess County Primary Elections to be held in the clubhouse. 
    Yoga will be canceled on Tuesday, March 20.
    The monthly potluck will be postponed until March 27.
    Be sure to VOTE!
  • Campsites announced for Campsite Assignment Day

    Available campsites to be assigned at the Campsite Assignment Day, Saturday, March 24 at 10 a.m., have been announced. Applications for both the Campsite to Trade Waiting List and the Seasonal Campsite Waiting List will be accepted until 3 pm Friday, March 23. All property owners on both waiting lists are encouraged to attend. The Seasonal Campsites and 2017 Rental Campsites columns represent those sites that will be available to those on the Campsite to Trade Waiting List. If a property owner on the Campsite to Trade Waiting List changes sites, only then will their campsite in the Campsite to Trade List column be moved to the Seasonal Campsites column for assignment to another property owner. Potentially available sites assigned to those on the Campsite to Trade Waiting List are subject to change as additional applications are received before the event. After the Campsite to Trade portion of the event has been completed, the remaining sites in the Seasonal Campsites and 2017 Rental Campsites columns will be offered to those on the Seasonal Campsite Waiting List. Only three (3) Seasonal Campsites will be assigned, the remaining six sites will become the 2018 Rental Campsites.

    Three Seasonal Campsites are available for assignment in 2018. The list below (Seasonal Campsites, 2017 Rental Campsites) represents the sites that are available for those on the Campsite to Trade Waiting List. If these property owners trade sites, their old site in the Campsite to Trade List column will become available for further trade or later assignment. Only three (3) Seasonal Campsites will be assigned. The sites remaining become the 2018 Rental Campsites.

    Seasonal Campsites


    2017 Rental Campsites


    Campsite to Trade List


    SITE VIEWING: The Campground gate will be open Thursday, March 22; Friday, March 23; and before the event Saturday, March 24 to allow interested property owners to view the campsites. The Campsite Assignment Day event will start at 10 a.m. sharp; there will not be an opportunity to view the campsites once the event has started.

    View current waiting lists below:

    View 2018 Campsite to Trade Waiting List

    View 2018 Seasonal Campsite Waiting List

  • Assessor to canvas for 2019 Property Quadrennial


    2019 Property Quadrennial

    What:  The Apple River & Thompson Multi-Township Assessor will be out canvassing each property in the Township to take photos and outside measurements of new structures and land improvements in order to verify/update records.

    When:   April 2018 – December 2018 or until work is completed (2019 is your Quadrennial)

    Where:  All property located within the Apple River & Thompson Townships

    Who:  There will be a single person or a two person team out in the area from April –December (or later)

    Why:  It is required by the State of Illinois that every four years your property is visited and revalued based on the three prior years of sales. (2018/2017/2016).

    Please note:

    • The assessing team does NOT need to enter your home; they will knock on your door and review the property card with you to make sure all the information is accurate or if changes need to be made.  It is helpful if they can enter the rear yard for accuracy of measurements and discovery.
    • If they are not able to access your property or are denied access to your property the assessor will leave and estimate what they believe the current status of the property is.
    • The assessing team will be taking pictures of the front and back of your home.
    • Any improvements (deck, patio, garages, etc) discovered will be added to your assessment. Likewise, any improvements on the record card that are no longer on the property will be removed from your assessment.

    Remember we are just doing our job; collecting data and making sure your property record card is accurate.  We do not control your tax bill, please be courteous.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Assessor:
    Laura Edmonds
    815.821.3544 (Mon-Fri 6pm-8pm)
    Email: arthtownshipassessor@gmail.com

    Thank you for your cooperation!

  • Boat Slip License payment & documents due March 15 – Visit DNR website for Watercraft Registration renewals

    The IDNR website is back up and running for Watercraft Registration renewals. The renewal website is https://www.il.wildlifelicense.com/vehicle.php?action=vehiclelkup. Owners must print the watercraft renewal receipt and submit it to the office as evidence of registration. Boat Slip Late Fee letters were sent to owners with an Association-licensed boat slip who had not paid their fees, submitted a 2018 Annual Boat Slip License, and/or submitted current insurance and watercraft registration by March 1.

    The deadline to submit payment, insurance, and/or a Boat Slip License is Thursday, March 15. Owners who did not renew their registration when it expired 6/30/17 have been given an extension to Monday, March 19 to renew their Watercraft Registration and submit the renewal confirmation to the office. Payment and all other documents are due March 15.

    Failure to comply with these deadlines will result in revocation of the Boat Slip License and forfeiture of the slip. The $100 Boat Slip Late Fee will be waived only if the registration confirmation shows a transaction date of March 1 or later. Any owner found to have already renewed prior to March 1 who did not submit their registration will owe the $100 Boat Slip Late Fee, and will be subject to the revocation and forfeiture deadlines above.

  • Book Club to meet March 7

    The ACL Book Club meets at 1 pm on the first Wednesday of the month in the Clubhouse. All are welcome to join this casual group.

    March 7 – The Way We Were by Sinead Moriarity 

    April and May books will be chosen at the March meeting.

    Questions? Call 815-492-0018. 

    See more info here.

  • 3 Steps to a Calmer, More Balanced You
  • Trails Closed

    All trails are closed due to icy conditions and high water.

  • Update on Utilities Services, Inc. proposed rate hike
    By GM Shaun Nordlie
    Apple Canyon Lake will be joining other lake associations serviced by Utilities Services of Illinois, Inc.(USI) to hire an attorney and expert witnesses to fight the proposed increases for water meters and usage. The ACL Board of Directors has approved the use of up to $10,000 to fight these increases.
    We will work with the Illinois Attorney General, who has an expert accounting witness, and are considering hiring a utility engineer to argue the proposed list of capital improvements requested by USI.
    All owners with a house within the Association received a letter from USI in mid-December outlining the proposed increases. For a typical household, the monthly cost for the water meter will increase from $24.73 to $35.03 – a 41.6 percent increase. The water usage rate per 1,000 gallons will increase 43.4 percent from $5.71 to $8.19.
    In their letter, USI mentions they have spent over $3 million in capital improvements since 2015, and plan to spend an additional $14 million by the end of 2019 to improve water quality, lessen service disruptions due to main breaks, and reduce inflow and infiltration to wastewater treatment plants. The only upgrade planned at Apple Canyon Lake in the next two years replaces a Generator at the Well House for $55,000. The letter explains that all upgrades are consolidated, and all USI customers share the cost of upkeep and upgrades so that small stand-alone groups do not bear the cost of large capital expenditures.
    What does this mean for the Association? We will see increases at all our facilities in both usage and meter. Since we are considered commercial, we will pay the same as residential for meters, but our usage rate will go up 94 percent. Based on calculations of gallons used in 2017, ACL could see an increase of almost $20,000 in 2019.
    We will not fight the USI Availability fee. This is a fee that was established between the original developer and USI and is not a part of the argument against the proposed rate increases.
    USI is planning a community Utilities, Inc. Question and Answer Open House to be held at the ACL clubhouse on April 25 from 5 – 8 p.m.  In the meantime, if you have had any issues, or service concerns with USI, please let me know at shaun.nordlie@applecanyonlake.org or 815-492-2292.
    What  you can do in the meantime
    Members may file a comment with the Illinois Commerce Commission. The link to the ICC website is https://www.icc.illinois.gov/. From this page, find eDocket, type in 17-1106 (the case number for this rate increase). On the right side of the screen is a blue box, choose Public Comments and then File a Comment in the blue box at the top, left-hand side of the screen, and then Submit. 
  • Scrap Metal Now Accepted at the Recycling Center

    The recycling center now has 1 large container for recycling scrap metal. It is marked with a sign that reads “SCRAP METAL ONLY”.

    No other material or garbage, other than metal should be placed in this container.

  • Missing “Welcome” Sign

    Missing “Welcome” Sign

    Please return the sign – no questions asked.

    The welcome sign (pictured above) located at the intersection of Pea Ridge and W. Apple Canyon Road is missing. We are hoping the party responsible for this prank, or innocent parties who are aware of its location, return the sign to any ACL Amenity building, or staff member, no questions asked.

    The sign is worth over $500, which constitutes a felony.  Anyone with information is asked to call Security at 815-492-2436.

  • 2018 Payment Plan information
  • Want fiber optic at the lake?

    Jo Carroll/Sand Prairie survey will assess area’s interest in fiber optic 

    Jo Carroll Energy and Sand Prairie are asking Jo Daviess County residents if there is a need for fiber optic service in their area, and have established a website where residents can express interest in bringing fiber optic to their community. With fiber optic, internet service would be greatly improved in Apple Canyon Lake.

    Please click on the link below and submit your Apple Canyon Lake address to show Jo Carroll that you are interested and want to be considered for fiber optic at Apple Canyon Lake.

    Email Jo Carroll

  • Not getting Apple Seed e-blasts?

    If you are not receiving the Apple Seed e-blasts, call the office at 815-492-2238 or email us to make sure we have your correct email address on file. 


  • Have you signed up for CodeRed?

    Jo Daviess County has implemented the CodeRED Emergency Communications Network, a reverse 911 system for anyone who signs up for alerts such as storm warnings, evacuation notices, missing person alerts, etc. Messages can come over your home or cell phone with a call or text message, or delivered as an email. ACL will also use this system to send alerts to our owners who sign up. We will send notices for amenity closings due to bad weather, when the lake is closed or at no-wake, etc. We can also communicate to specific sections of the lake; for instance, if the water company needs to shut down the water on the north end of the Association-we can send notices only to those affected. 
    Remember: USE YOUR ACL ADDRESS – EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE A LOT. It is important that you provide your ACL address so we can contact you with ACL-specific messages and alerts.

    If you have questions about CodeRed messages sent by Apple Canyon Lake, please call (815) 492-0090. Please DO NOT call the Jo Daviess County Sheriff’s Department.

    Sign up for CodeRed here.

  • Beaver Damage

    If you see evidence of beaver damage, please contact the Maintenance Department at 815-492-2167.