• Apple Canyon Lake Lots for Sale

    As of May 15, 2019

    The lots below are available for purchase directly from Apple Canyon Lake Property Owners Association.

    To purchase one of these properties before the ACL Lot Auction, purchaser will submit a bid in writing to the ACL Office. If the bid is accepted, ACL will provide a Winning Bidder Form to the purchaser. Purchaser will submit the completed Winning Bidder Form to ACL, and then make an appointment with ACL to complete the PTAX form and submit payment as outlined below. The Winning Bidder Form and PTAX will be submitted to ACL’s attorney for deed preparation and recording.

    ACL Fees
    $500 OBO (includes PTAX/deed preparation and recording fees)
    $500 partial 2019 Annual Assessment (Dues)
    $100 Owner Amenity Registration Fee (per owner on the deed, up to three owners)

    Jo Daviess County Taxes
    Past due and current taxes (if applicable) must be paid to Jo Daviess County following purchase.

    If all properties are sold prior to June 15, the Lot Auction will be canceled. To purchase one of these properties at the ACL Lot Auction, purchaser will complete all required paperwork and submit payment in full June 15. The Winning Bidder Form and PTAX will be submitted to ACL’s attorney for deed preparation and recording.
    See Lot and Tax stats on each lot

    Please contact Megan with questions or for more information!


    1. 01-027 Painted Post Ln
    2. 02-043 Pioneer Dr
    3. 03-101 General Lee Dr
    4. 06-023 Gettysburg Ln
    5. 07-005 Broken Lance Ln
    6. 09-017 E Apple Canyon Rd
    7. 09-134 Hawthorne Dr
    8. 09-219 Walnut Ln
    9. 11-137 Snead Ln
    10. 11-203 Spoon Ct
    11. 12-105 Johnson Ln
    12. 12-204 Eisenhower Dr
    13. 12-349 S Apple Canyon Rd
    14. 13-098 W Apple Canyon Rd
    15. 14-038 Falling Sun Dr

  • Meet your Candidates
  • Yoga Update!

    There are currently no yoga classes scheduled at ACL, other than Beach Yoga on May 25, June 8 and June 22.
    We are currently working to bring yoga classes back to the lake. Certified yoga instructors interested in teaching a yoga classes at ACL are encouraged to contact us at 815.492.2769.

  • Office of the Sheriff – Fraud Warning

  • Not using your Association boat slip this year? Consider the Sub-License Program!

    Enter your Association in the Sub-License Program!
    There are nearly 300 property owners on the No Boat Slip Waiting List. If you are licensed an Association boat slip and will not be using this year, please consider entering the slip into the ACL Sub-License Program. This will allow another property owner to use the slip for the year (all sub-license program agreements terminate December 31), and you will be refunded $150, 75% of the slip fee, if the slip is successfully sub-licensed. We always have more demand for these slips than slips available.
    For more information or to download a form, please see http://applecanyonlake.org/wp/boat-slip-sub-boat-slip-licensing/ or contact the office.

  • ACL Lots for Sale

    ACL Lots for Sale

    As of April 16, 2019

    The lots below did not sell at the 2018 ACL Lot Auction and are available for purchase through the Association Office.

    1. 03-208 E Apple Canyon Rd
    2. 04-140 Winchester Dr
    3. 06-088 Appomattox Dr
    4. 07-226 Fox Ct
    5. 11-137 Snead Ln 
    6. 12-204 Eisenhower Dr
    7. 13-057 Pioneer Dr
    8. 13-098 W Apple Canyon Rd

    View Lot locations on map

    ACL Fees

    • $500 OBO includes all legal fees, PTAX & deed preparation, recording costs, and Real Estate Transfer Tax.
    • Payment of the 2019 Dues & Owner Amenity Registration Fee(s).

    Jo Daviess County Taxes

    • Buyers will be responsible for any taxes owed after January 1, 2019.

    Please contact Megan or call 815-492-2238 with questions or for more information!

  • Changes to ACL insurance requirements approved

    The Board approved amendments to the insurance requirements Rules & Regulations at their December 15 meeting. These amendments are effective immediately.

    What is not changing?

    • Proof of insurance must be provided for all watercraft, including non-motorized watercraft, golf carts, ATVs/UTVs, snowmobiles, and campers used at Apple Canyon Lake.
    • The minimum required amount of liability insurance is still $500,000 for bodily injury and property damage combined.

    What is changing?

    • ACLPOA no longer needs to be listed as an Additional Insured or Additional Interest on any policy. We do recommend including this endorsement on recreational vehicle and watercraft policies, so your agent will (hopefully) automatically send renewal documents, but it is not required.
    • Documentation requirements have been spelled out in black and white (see below).
    • Continuous until cancelled policies will not be accepted. If you have a continuous until cancelled policy on file, a current certificate of insurance showing the policy term expiration date is required.
    • The policyholder/named insured must be the property owner of record. Policies listing the property owner as an Additional Insured or Driver will not be accepted.

    What do I need to provide the Association?

    Acceptable proof of liability insurance documents must meet the following requirements: the policyholder/named insured is the property owner of record; the insured watercraft/vehicle/camper must be described, and the policy term expiration date and liability coverage amounts must be listed.

    Insurance documents can be emailed to customerservice@applecanyonlake.org or faxed to (815) 492-2160. If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to ask.

  • Review the Rules & Regulations

    Before you or your guests venture out for a boat ride, take an UTV/ATV ride around the trails, etc., take the time to read over this document to make sure you are in compliance. These rules and regulations have been put in place by the Board of Directors to ensure the safety & well-being of all ACLPOA members. ACL’s Safety & Security Department staff are responsible for enforcing these rules & regulations; violation of any rule or regulation set forth by the Board is subject to a fine. Numerous citations have been issued this summer for failure to display a current year decal, operating a vehicle on the trails after 10 pm, operating on closed trails, and disobeying control devices (signs). 

    View the ACLPOA Rules and Regulations online; hard copies are available at the Association Office at no charge.

  • Visit DNR website for Watercraft Registration renewals

    The IDNR website is up and running for Watercraft Registration renewals. The renewal website is https://www.il.wildlifelicense.com/vehicle.php?action=vehiclelkup. Owners must print the watercraft renewal receipt and submit it to the office as evidence of registration. 


  • Want fiber optic at the lake?

    Jo Carroll/Sand Prairie survey will assess area’s interest in fiber optic 

    Jo Carroll Energy and Sand Prairie are asking Jo Daviess County residents if there is a need for fiber optic service in their area, and have established a website where residents can express interest in bringing fiber optic to their community. With fiber optic, internet service would be greatly improved in Apple Canyon Lake.

    Please click on the link below and submit your Apple Canyon Lake address to show Jo Carroll that you are interested and want to be considered for fiber optic at Apple Canyon Lake.

    Email Jo Carroll

  • Not getting Apple Seed e-blasts?

    If you are not receiving the Apple Seed e-blasts, call the office at 815-492-2238 or email us to make sure we have your correct email address on file. 


  • Have you signed up for CodeRed?

    Jo Daviess County has implemented the CodeRED Emergency Communications Network, a reverse 911 system for anyone who signs up for alerts such as storm warnings, evacuation notices, missing person alerts, etc. Messages can come over your home or cell phone with a call or text message, or delivered as an email. ACL will also use this system to send alerts to our owners who sign up. We will send notices for amenity closings due to bad weather, when the lake is closed or at no-wake, etc. We can also communicate to specific sections of the lake; for instance, if the water company needs to shut down the water on the north end of the Association-we can send notices only to those affected. 
    Remember: USE YOUR ACL ADDRESS – EVEN IF YOU ONLY HAVE A LOT. It is important that you provide your ACL address so we can contact you with ACL-specific messages and alerts.

    If you have questions about CodeRed messages sent by Apple Canyon Lake, please call (815) 492-0090. Please DO NOT call the Jo Daviess County Sheriff’s Department.

    Sign up for CodeRed here.