Join the ACL Heat Light Program

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Safeguard your home against frozen pipes this winter!

Want to leave your lake house this winter with the peace of mind that nothing is going to go wrong? By joining the ACL Heat Light Program, you can do just that! This program monitors the temperature in your home while you’re away, ensuring that nothing will freeze or be damaged by the cold. Once you sign up, you will receive a strobe light and a temperature monitoring device. A member of the ACL Safety & Security staff will help set up the strobe light in a location where it will be seen from the road. Should the temperature inside your home drop below 45 degrees, the strobe will start flashing. If this happens, Security staff will access the home and determine the cause of the temperature drop. They will then take steps fix the issue, whether that be calling your designated furnace repair company or the propane company to fill your tank.

To sign up, just provide the ACL Safety and Security Department with your name, address, phone number, propane supplier, furnace repair company, and a spare key to go in the lockbox.

The initial set up fee is $250(includes all equipment), and then $100 each year after.
Questions? Contact the ACL Safety & Security Department at (815) 492-2436 or