Apple Canyon Lake Property Owners’ Association (ACLPOA) is governed by governing documents prepared and approved by the members of the Association.

ACLPOA’s Governing Documents also include the State of Illinois Statutes Governing Homeowner Associations, commonly known as the Common Interest Community Association Act or CICAA. These documents are the benchmark under which all of our Association governing documents are written. However, changes to the state statutes are ongoing; see Applicable Sate Statues below.

ACLPOA’s Primary Governing Documents remain the same from year to year unless there is a vote and approval of the membership before any changes can be made. However, under Section 1-15 (b) of CICAA “All provisions of the declaration, bylaws, and other community instruments severed by this Act shall be revised by the board of directors independent of the membership to comply with this Act.”

These documents consist of:
1. Articles of Incorporation
2. Amended Declaration to Conform to CICAA (Formerly Restated Covenants and Restrictions)
3. Amended and Restated Bylaws

The Secondary Governing Documents can be changed at any time with those changes going into effect immediately, but require approval by the ACLPOA Board of Directors. These changes go into effect immediately, and will be posted on this page as they are made, and added to the following year’s printed publication, also available upon request at the Association office.

These documents include:
1. Rules and Regulations   
2. Board Policies
3. Committee Procedures/Mission Statements & Charges
         Amended Committee Procedures /Mission Statements & Charges
4. Operating Procedures and Programs

If you have a printed booklet, use the blank pages therein to keep track of any changes.

Applicable State Statutes

Common Interest Community Association Act (CICAA)

Illinois Not For Profit Corporation Act of 1986

Community Association Manager Licensing and Disciplinary Act

Additional Association Documents

2017 Articles of Incorporation
2018 Fishing Limits, Rules and Regulations

ACLPOA Policy Restricted Lot Criteria
AECC Code Book Revised 4/21/12


2019 Building Fee Schedule
2019 R&R Budget
2019 Operating Fee Schedule
2019 Operating Budget

All meetings are conducted in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.