The Trails Committee shall be responsible to recommend improvements to noise, speed/safety, deterioration of trails, hours of use, driving across private property and potential liability to ACLPOA. Submit an improvement plan of action to the Board for approval. Prepare an annual improvement plan for the ACL trail system. The plan shall prioritize needs based on safety, erosion control, reduced maintenance, and cost. Said plan is to be submitted to the General Manager no later than June 15.

The committee will prepare a summary of activities and projects the committee has been involved in over the past year for presentation at the Annual Meeting.


Hours: Last Saturday at 9 am

Ohms, Tom, Chair
Harris, Mike, Vice Chair
Hannon, Gary, Secretary/Board Liaison
Doden, Henry
Drogosz, George
Homb, Norman
Laethem, Deb
Laethem, Robert


Committee Agendas and Minutes from the last five years, if applicable, can be viewed below. Documents going back further than five years may be obtained by contacting us.