The Recreation Committee shall advise the Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to the recreational program and activities of the Association and shall perform such other functions as the Board, in its discretion determines.

Hours: 3rd Monday at 9 am

Volunteer! Interested in volunteering to assist with events but don’t have the time to join the committee? Let us know what you’d like to help with by contacting us!

Hannon, Mary, Chair
Cottrell, Carmel, Vice Chair
Reese, Pat, Secretary
Brandenburg, Rosanne
Causero, Lee
Killeen, LeAnne
Stanger, Marcy
Tribbey, Fern
VanDerLeest, Deb
Wiener, Paula
Zophy, Cindy
Carton, Cynthia, Staff
Sonntag, Jon, Board Liaison

Committee Agendas and Minutes from the last five years, if applicable, can be viewed below. Documents going back further than five years may be obtained by contacting us.