ALCPOA Greenway Stewardship Program Overview and Application

Download Greenway Stewardship Volunteer Application

clubhouse terrace 4 webA healthy, natural greenway system is a vital component linked to the health of Apple Canyon Lake and supports the charming rural image we strive to maintain. In addition to the enjoyment on the part of ACL property owners, a healthy greenway will help keep our lake clean, attract birds and other inhabitants, allowing everyone to benefit. The purpose of the program is to encourage ACL members to adopt a green space area and restore the native vegetation in that area. Since ACL was formed, many of these areas have lacked active management resulting in overgrowth. Non-native and invasive plants have also established themselves. Removing this growth will allow native vegetation to again establish itself in these areas.



  1. To encourage preservation, restoration, and enhancement of ACL’s greenway.
  2. To protect the lake and woodlands by ecological restoration, removal of invasive plants, and replacement of native plants if desired.
  3. To recommend a maintenance program of continued care for the greenways at ACL.


  1. The ACL Property Owner obtains a Greenway Stewardship Program application online or from the office, completes the application page, and submits it to the ACLPOA General Manager.
  2. The General Manager will review the application and forward it to the appropriate ACL staff member and the designated Conservation Committee member.
  3. The ACL staff member and designated Conservation Committee member will review the application, visit the site, and make any recommended changes (see page 2 of the application) to the property owner.
  4. The Conservation Committee will review the application and any recommendations made by the ACL staff member and the designated committee member for the site.
  5. The Conservation Committee will then approve or disapprove the application and notify the General Manager of their decision. The General Manager will then notify the Property Owners. The ACL Property Owner then acknowledges and agrees to any changes by signing the application.

To ensure effective implementation of Greenway Stewardship applications, each applicant must understand that:

  • All activities conducted must follow the approved plan.
  • ACL staff must review the site during and at completion of the project.
  • Any prescribed burning must only be conducted with the direct supervision of ACL staff with the knowledge and approval of the General Manager. Only ACL staff or ACL staff approved ecological restoration burn plans performed by an insured company are allowed in greenway areas.