Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP)

“We lose our capacity to have visions if we do not take steps to realize them.”
                                                                                              ~ Robert Collier

So, what’s in YOUR vision?

By Gary Hannon
CAMP  Finance and Marketing Committee Chair, & ACLPOA Board Treasurer

CAMP Project update from the Financing and Marketing (FM) committee.

The journey continues! Our last Apple Core article in March 2018” set the table” with known facts at that time. We want to make it clear, in the spirit of being transparent, that this project has many working parts to it, and the preliminary information we have been presenting is factual at the time of writing but subject to change and is meant to engage the ownership in conversation and encourage respectable feedback. Well, we’re getting it and we THANK YOU for it! Keep the questions and concerns coming, we also understand not everyone will be satisfied with the answers. There is so much more to do and many more “parts” to be assembled. The best way to keep up with the CAMP progress is to visit the ACL website at on a regular basis. There you will find all articles written on CAMP and FAQs from owners.

The FM committee was charged with determining the dollars needed (and options to finance those dollars) based on the conceptual plans as presented in town hall meetings in October 2017. Here we are eight months later having the discovery work and potential options for financing under consideration. We hear your feedback and have gone back to the drawing board to reconsider the timeline and options associated with financing such a major project. We also hear mixed messages when it comes to understanding where we are at in the process. Understandable, for the next committee (architectural and design) has just started to meet and have been charged to ensure the design is realistic, buildable, and economically feasible.

The next phase is schematic design. Everything you hear until the schematics are drawn up is just SPECULATION—our best guess based on information provided at the time. The TOTAL project cost has already been reduced from $5.6 million down to $4.2 million with the clubhouse coming in around $3 million. This does not include professional fees or FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment). One thing that has to be said; SOMETHING is going to happen and we all must be stewards to the cause based on our needs of the clubhouse, now and in the future. The unanswerable questions at this time is how much, over how many years, when do we start the project, and what can we phase in over time. We can expect the master plan to change as needs develop. It is a blueprint for the next 10 years! The current board and boards of the past have always been fiscally prudent when it comes to spending owner’s money. Over the years, our R&R fund (replacement and renovation) has grown close to $2 million dollars because of frugal budgets and very conservative operational spending. That fiscal responsibility will continue; meanwhile we need to ensure the future of ACL remains vibrant, attractive, and updated to meet the needs of future generations. We hope you will join us on the journey as we continue to discover the endless opportunities that can be made available to current and future ACL residents. So, what’s in your vision?

Here’s a quote from Herbert Swope, an American journalist and editor.

“I can’t give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time.”   

Thanks for reading!


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Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP)

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