Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP)

“We lose our capacity to have visions if we do not take steps to realize them.”
                                                                                              ~ Robert Collier


By Joe Wiener
Chair, Clubhouse Area Master Plan Architecture & Design
ACLPOA Building Inspector

The CAMP Architecture and Design Ad Hoc Commission have finished the Schematic Design phase for the Office Building, the Community Event Center and the Parking Lot. The project is in keeping with the ACL Master Plan. Our administrative and event requirements and goals have been examined and confirmed. We have seen rough drawings of site plans, floor plans, elevations, illustrative sketches, and computer renderings. The most satisfactory ideas addressing the project requirements and budget have been chosen. Two large construction companies have provided initial cost estimations based on total project size and complexity. A Project Review Workshop has been held with the ACL Board of Directors with positive results and unanimous confirmation. We have a plan and are moving forward.

We have begun Design Development. All design decisions are completed during this phase in order to prepare the subsequent construction documents. During the Design Development Phase, the project design is further refined. Design Development gives us a more detailed site plan as well as floor plans, inside and outside elevations and section drawings with full dimensions. This phase involves finalizing the aesthetic design and specifying such items as materials, window and door locations and general structural details. Plan arrangements, specific space accommodations, equipment and furnishings, building design, materials and colors, and complete definitions of all systems serving the project are developed. The buildings come together. The mechanical and electrical systems to serve the building are chosen during this period. Floor plans will show duct layouts, equipment locations, and typical heating and cooling devices. Equipment schedules with tentative sizes, capacities, features are designed. Mechanical-room drawings, showing locations and sizes of fans, pumps are drawn. The HVAC loads are calculated. Accessibility to all equipment and devices is confirmed. The outline specifications are expanded upon detailing design intent. Code compliance will be reviewed. And more. The Design Development Phase will be completed within a couple of months. The DD documents will be submitted to the Board of Directors before moving forward to the construction contract documents phase.

The Professional Services Team has grown. The Board of Directors responded favorably to the Commission’s request for hiring a Construction Management company. Our Construction Manager will have several jobs during the Design Development Phase. The first will be to review the documents and prepare a statement of the project’s probable construction cost. The documents will also be reviewed for any constructability issues. The Construction Manager will prepare a construction schedule to help us keep on track. The Architects and Engineers will work closely with the Construction Manager and ACL to produce the documents needed to meet our program, within budget in a timely manner.

What is next? Looking forward, the Construction Manager will help the design team prepare bid documents, bid the project and hold the trade contracts on behalf of ACLPOA. The Construction Manager will also provide full-time supervision of the construction for us once we reach that stage. Construction Phase One will include a new septic system for the Pool, Clubhouse and new Administrative Building; the new Administrative Building; an improved central parking lot for these amenities.

August 2019 – Work resumes on CAMP projects
By Shaun Nordlie

Work on the Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP) is beginning to increase again after taking a back seat for much of 2019. The CAMP Architecture and Design (AD) and Finance and Marketing (FM) commissions have been working during this time on changes to CAMP from a year ago. The original CAMP design was one building with a basement; soil borings proved to us that a basement was not an option. During this process we heard from many owners on their ideas and thoughts about CAMP. Many of you asked why we couldn’t phase the project, why we weren’t saving money for a project this large and why we weren’t considering remodeling the old clubhouse. Today, I want to update you on these items and a few more CAMP details.

Why aren’t we saving money for a project this large? The majority of the increase in the annual assessment for 2019 went into planning for the future. The breakdown of your dues for 2019 was $596.94 for Operating, $82.75 for Capital and $297.81 for R&R (Replacement and renovation). Budgeting money into the capital account was done to save for future capital projects, whether it is for CAMP, the dam or another project in the future. This is the first time in many years that money was designated for a future capital project.

Why don’t we phase the project? Now that we know we can not have a building with a basement, we are planning for two buildings, one will be the Administrative building, with offices and meeting space. This building can be built while we are still operating out of the current building so operations are not impacted with construction. The new building will have sufficient office space for the current staff with room for some expansion. This will allow for employees to not be sharing an office, room for storage and an area to complete our projects throughout the year. The building will have three meeting rooms, one which can be opened up to a larger room to accommodate the monthly Board of Directors meeting or a group of 50-75 people. Once this building is complete, we can start on the old clubhouse immediately, or it could be decided to wait a year or two to save up more money to complete this building.

Why don’t we just remodel the old clubhouse? The clubhouse is fifty years old and is grandfathered for ADA compliances and other county codes. If we were to remodel the building, we would need to bring the building into compliance which would be very costly. Long discussions with the AD commission and the architects determined that tearing down the old building and rebuilding would be the most cost-effective.

What’s next for CAMP? The Board of Directors will be voting on a contract for Design Development and Construction Documents with the Farnsworth Group at their August meeting. If approved, we will start designing both buildings and preparing construction documents. Even though we plan on only starting the construction of the Administrative building, we are planning both buildings to be more cost-efficient. In the next two months, the CAMP AD commission will be interviewing Construction Managers. This position will be a partner to ACL during design by offering value engineering – ways to save money on the design of the building. During construction they will be our eyes on the project, making sure that short cuts are not taken by contractors that can cost us more in the future.

In the upcoming months look for more CAMP articles in the Apple Core and on the CAMP page of the Apple Canyon Lake website. CAMP AD and FM commissions are meeting at least once a month, their meeting times, agenda and minutes are all posted on the website also. If you have questions about CAMP you can also contact me, I would be happy to explain and answer your questions.


June 2019 – President’s Letter
By Jody Ware
President, Board of Directors

Following the May 18, 2019 Board of Directors meeting, a workshop was held for an update on the Clubhouse Area Master Planning (CAMP).  The CAMP Architecture and Design committee has been meeting sporadically for the past year.  After the July 13, 2018 Geotechnical Engineering Report that the original clubhouse design shared in 2016 was not feasible for construction of foundations, floor slabs, and below-grade walls, the committee went back to the drawing board working closely with the architect from Farnsworth Group.  Please note that the information I share in this article could change as the project moves forward and the actual architectural design is created during the next six months.

 I would like to update the members on the present status of the clubhouse area master planning.  Here are the facts:

  • There are two buildings in the CAMP design: an Association Office and a new clubhouse building.
  • The construction project will be phased in over time to allow for regular season activities such as the pool.
  • The order of construction in the phasing in will be: Association Office; Demolition of existing Clubhouse; Construction of new Clubhouse and reroofing of bathhouse (pool) to match new construction.
  • The Association Office will be located where the mounds are located between the present circular drive by the pool/clubhouse and the Firehouse Fitness Center.
  • Facts about the Association Office design: it will be a single story structure with lobby and five offices; three work areas; Board Meeting room; conference room; breakroom/kitchen; mechanical room; IT room; and restrooms. 
  • The Association Office will be approximately 4,820 square feet.
  • The Clubhouse will be located in its present footprint.
  • The Clubhouse will be a single story structure with a community/event room and lobby; restrooms; fitness room; meeting rooms, library, storage room, office, mechanical room, and kitchen.
  • The Clubhouse will be approximately 9,500 square feet.
  • The next steps for the Board of Directors, based on the recommendation of the CAMP Architecture and Design Ad Hoc Commission, is to engage in a contract with Farnsworth for an architectural design and to continue to keep the membership informed about the Clubhouse Area Master Plan.


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I own three lots in ACL as we wished to have spacious and a sufficient green space surrounding our home a friendly buffer for our neighbors and us to enable and continue to maintain what brought us to ACL in the first place, the appeal and feeling of being in the woods and surrounded by nature. 

So with that being said, and as one of our primary concerns, I would like to express our support for the new club house facilities as well as supporting and hope to see in the future, expansion of the trail system to include access to other areas throughout ACL, adding another nine holes to our golf course is paramount and hopefully a providing a great fitness center as well.  

As property owners of three lots and looking at three dues increases, we still support the expansion, now being honest it would be nice for those of us to get some form of financial relief or discount related to future dues increases. 

Most importantly having a modern spacious and accommodating club house and supporting facilities improves our property values, increases our market ability to attract new ACL opportunities and new home development and providing existing homes a higher marketability which supports and improves the financial stability of our community as a whole.

Congratulations to those who can see and are willing to step forward into the future and ensure ACL can be a prosperous and accommodating community for everyone to enjoy and utilize in the future.

~ Kevin Smith

We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to host our wedding reception at the ACL Clubhouse. It was special to share this memorable event at the lake as I’ve fished with my Dad and Grandpa here for many years, spent time on the pontoon boat with my family at the Lake, and really enjoyed the beauty of nature and the water.  The Lake made for the perfect backdrop for photos down near the water, and the floor to ceiling windows provided a gorgeous backdrop for our head table and dance floor. Our friends and family enjoyed that they could share the meal inside, but also enjoyed the wonderful weather outside at the picnic tables. Kids were invited to our wedding, and it was nice to have the room for them to run around in the grass outside. 

~ Brooke (Krippendorf) VenHuizen

It would be nice to have a comfortable place to sit and utilize wifi. It would also be nice to have scheduled exercise classes, like Jazzercise, especially on a Saturday morning. Thanks for your work on this.

~ Maureen Conrad


I read an article in the Des Moines Register about different counties in Iowa with increased population and the reasons why. It summarized by saying ‘where there is progress in the county there is enthusiasm and people tend to gravitate to enthusiasm.’ The CAMP program creates progress and enthusiasm. I appreciate what the Board is doing.

~ Jack Finley




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Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP)