Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP)

“We lose our capacity to have visions if we do not take steps to realize them.”
                                                                                              ~ Robert Collier

CAMP Project update from the Financing and Marketing (FM) committee

ACLPOA Schematic Design phase begins!

By Joe Wiener
Chair, CAMP Architectural and Design Committee

Our architects and engineers, Farnsworth Group, has lead our community through a “master planning and programming exercise to help us develop and refine a “vision” for the future of Apple Canyon Lake. The first step in the development of the Master Plan is the design and construction of the Community Clubhouse building.


We are now beginning the phase of design services in which the design professionals will consult with us to clarify the project budget, program and schedule requirements. Farnsworth will prepare schematic design studies with drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationship of the project’s components.

The primary objective is to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept and to present it in a form that results in client understanding and acceptance. To achieve this objective, the architect must understand and verify the project program, explore alternative solutions, and provide a reasonable basis for analyzing the cost of the project. Your ACL Architectural Design and Construction Committee will be working directly with the Farnsworth Group.

The ACLPOA Schematic Design Phase Objectives

  • To assist Apple Canyon Lake in understanding the project.

The primary objective of Schematic Design Phase is to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept and to present it in a form that presents an understanding of our program, project feasibility and budget. The schematic drawings will OUTLINE the building spaces and relationships. Farnsworth will prepare schematic design studies with drawings and other documents illustrating the scale and relationship of the project’s components for our consideration. The documents will include: 

  1. conceptual site and building plans, preliminary sections and elevations
  2. preliminary selection of building structural systems
  3. preliminary selection of building materials and plumbing, heating and cooling equipment
  4. an initial development of project schedule
  • To illustrate possible solutions within the shortest possible time at the least expense.

The secondary objective is to clarify the project Program, discuss and explore the most promising alternative design solution developed in step one, determine zoning, building and fire code requirements, and provide a reliable basis for analyzing the cost of the project.

  • To assist Apple Canyon Lake in confirming the feasibility of the project.

The third component is a written scope of timing, quality and budget goals. The outline drawings and scope provide the estimator with the basic design description for formulating the probable cost of construction estimate. At this point the project will be submitted, along with a site plan for Jo Daviess planning and zoning board approvals.

  • To obtain Apple Canyon Lake approval of preliminary design, construction budget and schedule.

The final step in the Schematic Design Phase is for the Architect/Engineers to obtain formal ACL Board of Director approval before proceeding to the Design Development Phase of the preferred alternative arrived at in the above step two.


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I own three lots in ACL as we wished to have spacious and a sufficient green space surrounding our home a friendly buffer for our neighbors and us to enable and continue to maintain what brought us to ACL in the first place, the appeal and feeling of being in the woods and surrounded by nature. 

So with that being said, and as one of our primary concerns, I would like to express our support for the new club house facilities as well as supporting and hope to see in the future expansion of the trail system to include access to other areas throughout ACL, adding another nine holes to our golf course is paramount and hopefully a providing a great fitness center as well.  

As property owners of three lots and looking at three dues increases we will invite, we still support the expansion, now being honest it would be nice for those of us to get some form of financial relief or discount related to future dues increases. 

For those of us who have incorporated multiple lots together such as two or three lots combined either to build larger homes incorporating and ensuring green space surrounding the home while also maintaining natural space for the abundance of nature surrounding our community.  

Most importantly having a modern spacious and accommodating club house and supporting facilities improves our property values, increases our market ability to attract new ACL opportunities and new home development and providing existing homes a higher marketability which supports and improves the financial stability of our community as a whole.

Congratulations to those who can see and are willing to step forward into the future and ensure ACL can be a prosperous and accommodating community for everyone to enjoy and utilize in the future.

~ Kevin Smith
12-98,12-99, 12-100

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Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP)

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