Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP)

“We lose our capacity to have visions if we do not take steps to realize them.”
                                                                                              ~ Robert Collier

It’s not about ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’

By George Reed
CAMP Committee member

Several weekends ago, my wife Sharon and I took a tour of the Galena Territory (GT) community center. We went along with friends who had purchased a home there. The contrast with ACL was significant.

This is not to say that we at ACL should try to incorporate ALL the amenities that they have at GT. But we should seriously consider the contribution an appealing and useful community center brings to the equation.

There were many people at the GT center on a late winter afternoon:  meeting, playing games, some just lounging, a couple using the internet, some watching a movie, and some using the indoor pool. (ACL has a great outdoor pool and that is sufficient). But their community center made a favorable impression; that GT was a really good place to own a dwelling. We felt that it enhanced the value of the homes in GT and accommodated a variety of activities for a wide range of interests. It made the community feel more alive.

What does our cramped and outdated community center tell a prospective buyer about ACL? Is this the image we wish to project? I think it fails to contribute to the resale value of our homes and properties or generate interest for potential buyers visiting ACL.

To me, this is not a matter of “keeping up with the Joneses” at a place such as GT. I saw a place where there were spaces for people gathering for a range of activities that our current site cannot support. It is 50 years old, and it shows.

It’s easy for someone to say, “I never go to the ACL clubhouse”. But what if there were NEW opportunities.  In addition to adequate space for meetings and events, some things come to mind:  an exercise room, a game room, an arts/crafts room, a comfy lounge area just for hanging out and for enjoying a view of our beautiful lake.

I don’t own a boat, so should I let the marina fall into neglect? I don’t have a UTV, so should I resent the cost of trail maintenance, improvement or expansion?  We all belong to a community and should support all of the services and amenities together.

No one relishes the idea of a higher annual assessment, but it seems warranted in my view, for a number of good reasons. The proposed plan is modest. I am reminded of how well the pool project turned out, and hope for the same kind of result for our community center.



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Clubhouse Area Master Plan (CAMP)

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