Apple Canyon Lake Lots for Sale

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As of June 16, 2019

The lots below did not sell at the ACL Lot Auction and are available for purchase directly from Apple Canyon Lake. To purchase one of these properties, the buyer will complete all required paperwork and submit payment as outlined below in full. The Winning Bidder Form and PTAX will be submitted to ACL’s attorney for deed preparation and recording.

ACL Fees
$150 purchase price (includes PTAX/deed preparation and recording fees)
$500 partial 2019 Annual Assessment (Dues)
$100 Owner Amenity Registration Fee (per owner on the deed, up to three owners)

Jo Daviess County Taxes
Past due and current taxes (if applicable) must be paid to Jo Daviess County following purchase. For information on 2018 taxes, please contact the Jo Daviess County Assessor’s Office at (815) 777-1016. For back taxes owed, please contact the Jo Daviess County Clerk’s Office at (815) 777-0161.

See Lot and Tax stats on each lot

Please contact Megan with questions or for more information!


1. 01-027 Painted Post Ln SOLD
2. 02-043 Pioneer Dr
3. 03-101 General Lee Dr SOLD
4. 06-023 Gettysburg Ln SOLD
5. 07-005 Broken Lance Ln SOLD
6. 09-017 E Apple Canyon Rd SOLD
7. 09-134 Hawthorne Dr SOLD
8. 09-219 Walnut Ln
9. 11-137 Snead Ln SOLD
10. 11-203 Spoon Ct pending
11. 12-105 Johnson Ln SOLD
12. 12-204 Eisenhower Dr SOLD
13. 12-349 S Apple Canyon Rd
14. 13-098 W Apple Canyon Rd SOLD
15. 14-038 Falling Sun Dr SOLD