For ACL Members and their Guests. Amenity Tags required.




5:00am – 10:00pm

Membership is free! Any ACL owner and their guests may use the fitness center, provided they have completed and submitted the membership form. Membership forms may be downloaded below and are also available at the Association Office lobby.

Firehouse Fitness Rules:
  1. Membership is free. However, Property Owners must join Firehouse Fitness annually by completing Membership and Waiver form at the Association Office. A key code will be assigned and will be good through January 1 of the following year. Members must join each year and will be given the new key code upon completion of waiver.
  2. Firehouse Fitness members must sign in and have Amenity Tags.
  3. Property Owners’ Guests are welcome but must “join” by completing Membership and Waiver form prior to use.
  4. This facility is not supervised. Use of the equipment is the responsibility of the member.
  5. Member is responsible for knowing his/her own limitations.
  6. No one under 16 allowed without parent or guardian.
  7. Minors must have parent/guardian signature on waiver.
  8. Unsupervised use of this facility by children is prohibited.
  9. Please, no wet bathing suits or bare feet.
  10. Please keep breakables out of Fitness Center.
  11. No alcoholic beverages, or food.
  12. Use at your own risk.
  13. The “Buddy System” is encouraged.

Excercise bikes
Weight machines
Weight bench
Free weights
Stability balls

Download Membership Form. 

We are currently not accepting donations for the Fitness Center at this time.

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