📢 IMPORTANT: ACL Safety and Security update of COVID-19

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📢 IMPORTANT: Apple Canyon Lake Safety and Security update of COVID-19

We would like to inform our property owners ahead of time that small changes have been made to protect our first responders, ambulance personnel, and law enforcement. When a call to 911 is made, the dispatcher will be asking 3-screening questions pertaining to flu symptoms in addition to finding out the nature of the call.
If you do report flu-like symptoms, the dispatchers relay that information to our personnel responding to your location. Do not be alarmed if you have flu-like symptoms as our first responders, as well as EMTs, and paramedics will greet you wearing a mask over their mouth and nose, gloves, and possibly even a gown.

If you call for an ambulance, the EMTs/paramedics will ask you some questions when they get to your location to determine if you have any flu-like symptoms and this will be done using “social distancing” of around 6 feet away. None of these precautions will delay your care. Depending on your symptoms, the EMTs/paramedics may also provide you a mask to wear. This helps limit the spread of any illness.

On many calls, other fire departments and police officers respond with the ambulance to help. Do not be surprised if some of these responders wait outside your home until the EMTs/paramedics assess you for the symptoms of the flu. These small changes help limit the spread of illnesses and keep our responders safe.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to julie.janssen@applecanyonlake.org or give me a call 815-492-0090. 👉 REMEMBER: to cover your cough, wash your hands, avoid close contact (6 feet social distance), keep contact surfaces clean (tabletops, doorknobs, computer keyboards, phones etc.) and most important if you are sick, PLEASE isolate yourself from others.